Groundbreaking digital automation of the export process

Traqa makes exporting easier.

It is a system designed to provide those who need it with essential digital information straight from the weighbridge to the end destination.

This means, digital Annex VII forms can be viewed by shippers, inspection agencies, regulatory inspectors, customs authorities and the end destination.

Traqa can now do the UK customs documentation and will also provide the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) too.

For Members, this ensures that their processes remain future proof, but also saves time for them when it comes to admin as documentation is automatically produced when a vehicle is on the weighbridge.

The Recycling Association is the majority shareholder in Traqa.


Traqa is now fully integrated with some weighbridge software providers and we are working with more so that the whole process is seamless.

This means that your weighbridge software is connected up to Traqa so information required for export is automatically transferred over – saving you admin time and resource.

At a time when logistics are challenging, time saved on the weighbridge doing paperwork also means more vehicles can be processed quickly.

Those sending material abroad will have a system that provides access to essential documentation such as the Annex VII forms and VGM to those that require it.

This makes the process seamless, giving customs authorities information prior to it leaving/arriving, and expediting the shipping process.

It also provides evidence of compliance with shipping regulations, helping to ensure that markets for legitimate trade remain open.

The recycling industry needs to proactively respond and get connected to Traqa so that we can prove we are a legitimate sector, and not be undermined by illegal operators.


Cradle-to-grave compliance means that everyone from collection points such as local authorities and commercial businesses can be assured that there is a trail of compliance until the material reaches its end destination for recycling.

It also means that UK environment agencies should be able to focus on illegal exporters, rather than those who are legitimately sending material abroad for recycling.

As part of a supply chain, it is our duty as an industry to prove we are whiter-than-white, and Traqa gives evidence that we are exporting to legitimate recycling businesses overseas.

With producer responsibility, Traqa provides evidence for PERNs. This will be even more important if and when electronic PRNs are rolled out as it provides irrefutable evidence that the material has been sent for recycling.

It can also be used to share data from deposit return schemes as well as information on bale compositions.

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Lee Thickett is head of UK operators for Traqa. Contact him to find out more and get details on how to sign up.