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The Recycling Association CSR Policy

We will provide a supportive and ethical environment for our employees and our members and we will strive to promote and deliver outstanding Health and Safety performance

The Recycling Association is committed to operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. Our aim is to create value for our members and customers to deliver quality recycled commodities with global applications and deliver sustainable waste management solutions. Our aim is to support the businesses of our members and influence decision makers to improve the recycling and recovery industry to promote growth through adherence to the UK waste hierarchy. We aim to promote reduction, reuse and recycling and support energy recovery both as method to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and to cut greenhouse gases.

We endeavour to protect and care for the welfare and development of our employees, the environment, our members and our customer. Our aim is to be transparent in every area of our business and deliver value to our members and our customers. To this end we ensure we comply with legal requirements and conduct our activities fairly and with integrity.


This policy applies to our company and its subsidiaries and the services we deliver to our members.

Compliance and Business Ethics

The Recycling Association will:-

  • Respect the law
  • Honour its internal policies
  • Ensure that all its business operations are legitimate
  • Promote discretion and confidentiality regarding customer and company information
  • Promote anti-bribery and anti-corruption practises
  • Keep every partnership and collaboration with members, suppliers and customers open and transparent

Protecting the environment

Our company recognizes the need to protect and promote the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all. We’ll always follow the best environmental practices and which are contained in our environmental policy statement. Stewardship will also play an important role.

Protecting people

We’ll ensure that we:

  • Don’t risk the health and safety of our employees and community
  • Promote best Health and Safety practice to our members
  • Avoid harming the lives of local and people
  • Support diversity and inclusion

Human rights

Our company is dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labour practices. We’ll ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country.


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